Do I use indoor or outdoor pickleball?

Let’s clarify the differences between indoor and outdoor pickleballs:

  1. Indoor Pickleballs:
    • Made of softer plastic or foam.
    • Lighter weight.
    • Larger holes.
    • Typically colored yellow for better visibility indoors.
    • Designed to have more bounce on indoor surfaces like gym floors.
  2. Outdoor Pickleballs:
    • Made of harder plastic.
    • Heavier weight.
    • Smaller holes.
    • Designed to withstand rough outdoor surfaces and wind.
    • Typically colored green (though other colors are used too).

These differences in construction make each type of ball better suited for its respective environment. Indoor balls are optimized for indoor courts where bounce and visibility are crucial, while outdoor balls are designed to withstand outdoor elements and rougher playing surfaces.

When purchasing pickleballs, make sure to look for indoor or outdoor specifications to ensure you’re getting the right type for your playing environment.

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